Knee Pain Treatment in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

Knee pain can result from many different factors—genetic factors, underlying health conditions, overuse, or injury can lead to pain that’s either short-lived or chronic. In some cases, depending on a person’s age, a knee replacement is the necessary response to such pain. However, these surgeries are costly and can be risky. Before jumping to any extreme conclusions, seek the expertise of a licensed physical therapist and discuss all of your knee treatment options.

Whether you’re looking for increased mobility in daily functioning or enhanced athletic performance, OMT Specialists can help you achieve your goals. No matter what may be causing your knee pain, our physical therapists will find the best course of action to improve your overall health and comfort.

To schedule an appointment and get started on your physical therapy treatment plan for knee pain, contact us online or call (240) 454-3806 today! We have offices in Germantown, MD (Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm), and Falls Church, VA (by appointment only). 

What Are the Causes of Knee Pain?

Some of the most common causes of knee pain include:

Knee pain can vary in intensity and scope, and there are many different contributing factors that could be contributing to your discomfort. Though injury management is a viable option, total healing through manual physical therapy can help heal your knee and beyond.

What Are the Symptoms of Knee Pain?

Some of the common symptoms associated with knee pain include:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Warmth
  • Popping sounds
  • Limping
  • Inability to fully straighten or flex
  • And more

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact OMT Specialists online or call us at (240) 454-3806 to plan the ideal course of physical therapy treatments for knee pain for you.

Schedule Physical Therapy for Knee Pain in MD, DC & Northern VA

At OMT Specialists, we believe that manual physical therapy is an avenue to healing. With our hands-on, one-on-one approach to physical therapy, we guarantee that you will achieve a level of comfort that you may have never experienced in your life. Due to the fact that we believe that our patients are a whole person—not just a diagnosis or a body part to fix—we offer customized, personalized treatment plans to help you along your journey to recovery.

Our physical therapists work based off of the notion that all of the parts of the body are connected; healing isn’t about targeting one body part, but rather making sure all of the parts are working together as seamlessly as possible. This holistic approach to physical therapy enables you to create a plan that’s tailor-made for your needs and goals. Not only will we help you eliminate your knee pain, but we will also make sure your whole body is in the healthiest shape it can be.

To discover how it feels to have relief from your knee pain, contact us online or call (240) 454-3806 to schedule an appointment with a manual physical therapist at OMT Specialists today!

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