Dry Needling in MD, DC & Northern VA

At any age, you can experience pain in your body as a result of vigorous activity, day-to-day functioning, or a combination of the two. What happens if you’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to stick? The technique of dry needling—the more technical Western medicinal alternative to Eastern acupuncture—has shown great promise in a multitude of patients and is a recognized medicinal approach that both reduces the pain associated with poor or diminished muscular function while restoring proper muscle and joint function.

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How Does Dry Needling Work?

Using advanced diagnostic techniques, our physical therapists at OMT Specialists will find the relevant, localized problem area in a taut region of muscle fibers; it is this problem area that starts and maintains the constant cycle of pain that reverberates through the associated parts of your body. The dry needling technique is tailored to halt this cycle so that your regular muscle performance can be restored, regardless of the original cause of the pain. The technique has been shown to successfully address:

  • Athletic injuries
  • Inflammation
  • Local pain
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Referred pain

When inflammation is bothering a set of muscle fibers, they induce an unnatural polarization of the fibers in that particular region. The dry needling technique mechanically stimulates these fibers, thereby releasing the tension via depolarization. In short, the constant, adverse muscle activity that was plaguing you in that area enjoys a significant reduction in intensity as it cycles down. This allows that set of muscle fibers to finally relax; as a result, you’ll notice a significant reduction in pain and discomfort as the supporting vascular tissue, nerves, and joints are able to operate without the previously forced compression.

There is an additional source of minor pain called referred pain; this is the pain that is actually caused by the dry needling technique. It is essential to helping your physical therapist ascertain that the selected set of muscle fibers are the correct region for the technique. If you feel it, then that means everything is on the right track.

Schedule Dry Needling in MD, DC & Northern VA

Whether you’re an athlete who is trying to recover from a sports injury or you’re dealing with chronic back pain every day, you could benefit from the dry needling technique. Our owner and primary physical therapist, Dr. J. Logan Cooper, is certified and qualified to use the most advanced methods possible to help ease your pain and increase your overall comfort. With a manual physical therapy treatment plan and techniques such as dry needling, you can experience enhanced movement, athletic performance, and quality of life.

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