Online Services from OMT Specialists in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

At OMT Specialists, we believe that physical therapy should be a holistic, hands-on practice—and that includes caring for you outside of your scheduled appointments in our office. With the online services we provide to accompany your manual physical therapy treatment, you can take an extra step in your health by doing exercises at home and keeping track of your progress.

Being able to measure your physical therapy progress can give you the satisfaction and encouragement to grow stronger every day until you reach your optimum level of health and comfort. Even then, you can continue to set the bar higher for yourself to ensure that you are in your best condition every day.


To personalize your physical therapy treatment program and make an exercise plan that’s unique to you, OMT Specialists uses RehabLinks, a web-based health and fitness program that enables you to access your exercise plan from wherever you are. This specialized software gives you the freedom to incorporate your physical therapy exercises into your daily routine at a time and place that is convenient for you. RehabLinks is user-friendly and efficient, and it allows for even better communication between our physical therapists and our patients.

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Example Exercise Videos for Manual Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at OMT Specialists don’t just want to fix you and send you on your way—we believe in making sure that your health and comfort are improved far more than you could have imagined before you started working with us. In light of this, we showcase exercises that you can do at home to prolong your care and keep you active when you’re not at an appointment or follow-up treatment. Whether you’re focused on physical therapy for injury management or for sports performance, we have customized exercises that can help you achieve your recovery goals.

Check out our health tips page for even more ways to make your physical therapy treatment as holistic as possible!

What Sets OMT Specialists Apart from Standard Physical Therapy?

Unlike standard physical therapy practices, OMT Specialists is focused on providing personalized manual physical therapy services in a way that is accessible and unintimidating. You won’t have to wait for your appointment to continue making progress; you can have the reassurance that you are growing stronger each and every day. Our physical therapists are dedicated to you as a patient and as a person, not just as a diagnosis.

By using our online physical therapy services, you can become the pioneer of your own healing and recovery. While our licensed physical therapists are experts in their field, you are ultimately the person who will be living in your body and choosing to make progress when you get out of bed each morning. The physical therapists at OMT Specialists are here to help you achieve a pain-free life, and our online services can support you along this road to recovery through manual physical therapy.

To learn more about the online physical therapy services we offer at OMT Specialists or to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists, contact us online or call (240) 454-3806 today!