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VoxxLife HPT

According to the VoxxLife website, they are a “privately held technology company devoted to drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance.” Their innovative human performance technology (HPT) reduces pain, enhances range of motion, provides faster reaction times, and increases strength, endurance, stability, and balance.

Instead of depending on painkillers, vitamins, and supplements—which can be expensive and ineffective solutions—athletes can use HPT as a safe, consistent, and affordable alternative. Especially in today’s athletic landscape, where athletes are turning to performance-enhancing drugs, natural solutions are the answer. That’s where VoxxLife HPT comes in.

VoxxLife currently offers two products that feature their proprietary HPT:

Voxx Stasis Socks

VoxxStasis Socks

Voxx Stasis Socks provide a comfortable fit along with extensive performance benefits. They are available in knee-high, mini-crew, and no-show varieties.

VoxxSol Insoles

VoxxSol Insoles

VoxxSol Insoles provide stability and balance while relieving aches and pains.


Hyperice specializes in making portable ice compression devices that help reduce swelling and heal tissues, ultimately leading to accelerated recovery and enhanced performance. Since 2010, they have been creating products that professional athletes—from Lebron James to Hope Solo—have incorporated into their recovery routines. What originally began as a Kickstarter campaign soon grew into a go-to resource for professional athletes across the nation, and their products have been featured on major platforms such as ESPN, Men’s Health, and Shape Magazine.

OMT Specialists is happy to incorporate these high-performance products into our physical therapy treatments. Hyperice offers the following products:


Hyperice Hypersphere

The Hypersphere is a vibrating massage ball that pinpoints and releases trigger points in the muscles using high-intensity vibration. With its compact size and three vibration settings, it can be used to activate or soothe a wide range of muscles, from shoulders to feet.


Hyperice Venom BackHyperice Venom LegHyperice Venom Shoulder

The Venom is a digitally connected, wearable device that warms up and loosens stiff muscles. It features a digital touch screen that allows you to customize the temperature, vibration, and duration to your preference. Whether you want to soothe sore muscles after an intense training session or you want to stay loose during a game, the Venom’s nanotechnology and three different vibration settings give you the features you need to keep your muscles warmed up. Plus, the neoprene wrap is easily adjustable for the perfect fit. Though the original model is made for the back, Hyperice also offers Venom Leg and Venom Shoulder.

Vyper 2.0

Hyperice Vyper

The Vyper 2.0 is a vibrating fitness roller that features three speeds of high-intensity vibration. This myofascial release product, which is used for warming up and recovering, increases flexibility and circulation while reducing muscle soreness. It also increases range of motion by up to 40% (more than twice as much as a standard foam roller).



RockTape is a kinesiology tape used to treat injuries and enhance athletic performance. RockTape can be used for a variety of applications—not just for sports—to help manage chronic pain and improve mobility. The ultimate goal in using RockTape is to make movement better, which will then encourage more movement. At OMT Specialists, we fully support this idea! Our founder, owner, and primary physical therapist, Dr. J. Logan Cooper, is certified by RockTape as a Rock Doc.

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At OMT Specialists, we use only the most advanced techniques, technologies, and products to treat our patients. Manual physical therapy is about treating the whole person—not just the diagnosis—and the products we use to do this are a direct reflection of our philosophy and mission. Health, fitness, performance, and comfort are not separate entities; they all work together to help the body function at its optimal level. By using the products above, we can help our patients target the specific areas they want to heal while also enhancing the mobility of the rest of the body.

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