About Our Physical Therapy Certifications

At OMT Specialists, we take physical therapy seriously. We don’t just believe in physical therapy for the sake of healing a single injury or getting moderately stronger; we believe that health and fitness are about holistic care for every part of the body. That’s why we use the most advanced manual physical therapy practices to ensure that your body is functioning effectively as a whole, not just as a sum of its parts.

In order to help you heal and perform as efficiently as possible, our licensed physical therapists have been trained and certified by some of the most well-respected organizations in the health, fitness, nutrition, and athletic fields. Whether you’re looking for injury management treatments or a sports performance plan, our certified physical therapists can help you achieve your goals.

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Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

Titleist Performance Institute

The owner and founder of OMT Specialists, Dr. J. Logan Cooper, recently completed his Level 3 Medical Certification—the highest certification level available—through the Titleist Performance Institute. To put that into perspective, of the top 25 golfers in the world, 20 of them have a Medical Level 3 TPI professionals on their team.

TPI is an educational organization that studies how the human body affects a golf player’s swing. These professionals believe that the health and fitness of the golfer’s body is paramount to their skill and efficiency. Since 2003, they’ve worked with thousands of golfers, from professional athletes to casual weekend players. In addition to studying how the body’s health can affect swing efficiency, TPI has also studied how physical limitations can lead to potential injury. These studies have helped increase athletic performance while maintaining optimal bodily health.

Functional Movement Systems (FMS)

Functional Movement Systems

In 1995, Functional Movement Systems started working with people who had poor movement quality from everyday use or sports-related injury. What began as a health screen created to help high school and college athletes soon grew into a movement that quickly caught on in a variety of fields. From professional athletes to military personnel to elderly residents and everything in between, FMS helps people across the spectrum move better and—ultimately—live better.

Dr. J. Logan Cooper has been certified in both the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).


RockTape Certified Rock Doc

RockTape was founded after Greg van den Dries discovered the effectiveness of kinesiology tape in healing minor injuries and enhancing overall sports performance. The tape product itself is the same that Olympic athletes use, meaning it is made to help people move better and—as a result—move more. Since RockTape began, it has expanded its scope from focusing primarily on athletes to using their product for many different applications, including people healing from injuries not related to sports.

After completing a Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) course—which is a two-part kinesiology taping certification—Dr. J. Logan Cooper, our primary physical therapist, has been certified by RockTape as a Rock Doc! Just like RockTape, here at OMT Specialists, we believe that muscles act as a chain in movement. It’s not about the muscles you need to tape; it’s about the movement you want to achieve.

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At OMT Specialists, our certified physical therapists are dedicated to bringing you comfort, pain relief, and enhanced athletic performance through specialized skills and techniques. Instead of handing you free weights, putting you on a treadmill, and sending you on your way, we use the treatments that work for you and help achieve your goals.

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