“My daughter is looking stronger than ever and working on her comeback! She is also happy, making practice sets and loving her sport again – in large part due to your work with her.”

Orthopedic Manual Therapy Specialists, LLC, will welcome you to the way orthopaedic physical therapy should be: personalized, one-on-one, hands-on care dedicated to helping you achieve your goals for athletes and non-athletes alike.


melt-feature-lgThe M.E.L.T. Method
Ten minutes of M.E.L.T. three times a week is all you need to reduce the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living.

melt-feature-lgRehab Links
Rehab Links gives you the freedom to access your customized home exercise program anywhere in the world via your computer or mobile device.

Combining the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer to delver low-impact, high performance training and recovery from injury.